Omega Autocare: The Essential Car Pre-Drive Checklist

As a car owner, you have the obligation to take care of your vehicle. Aside from getting a service repair contract like the one offered by Omega Autocare, part of your responsibilities include conducting periodic checks on your car. You also have to check your car right before driving in bad weather or going on a long trip to help ensure that it won’t break down at a bad time.

Here is Omega Autocare’s essential list of things to check before you take that car out for a drive:

Tires. It should be easy to see if a tire is flat or not. If it looks flat, it probably is flat. To be sure, check the pressure with a gauge. If the tires are really soft, fill your tires with air at the nearest gas station.

Gas and radiator caps. If you’re passing through bumpy roads, gas or water might spill out of your fuel tank or radiator, respectively. To prevent this, tighten the caps before you drive.

Fluid levels. Take a quick look at the following: washer fluid, motor oil, radiator fluid, and brake fluid. If they’re about halfway drained, top them up right away. Doing this will help prevent sudden stops in the middle of the road.

Interior. Using a flashlight, check the inside of the car before opening the door. If you see a wild animal inside, call a pest control service. If there’s a strange person inside, call the police. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Lights. Are you driving at night? If so, your headlights, brake and turn signals, and taillights should always be in working condition. If anything isn’t working or seems damaged, take your car to the closest repair service provider and have the lights checked.

Windows. Once you’re sure that it’s safe to go inside the car, get inside and look through the windows. If there is debris, such as dust, leaves, or sand, sweep it off using a brush. If you’re driving in winter, use an ice scraper to get rid of snow and ice.

As you drive, listen for any odd noises coming from your engine. If you hear anything, go to a vehicle service repair provider and have it checked. Doing so might save your life.

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