Testimonials for Omega Autocare

The best advertising is through word of mouth. If your business has a large advertising budget but provides poor quality service, customers will find out sooner or later. This is why instead of buying space in the papers or airtime on TV, we are bringing you these testimonials from very satisfied Omega Autocare clients:

Will G., Washington, DC:

“I never really trusted these repair contracts until one came with the second-hand Chevrolet that I bought from a friend. Luckily, it was with Omega Autocare. I was driving from DC down to Atlanta when my wheels started wobbling. I pulled over, called their towing partner, and within minutes a tow truck was right beside me and brought us to a repair service center. I’m glad I had this contract extended!”

Lakisha L., Bowling Green, KY:

“I came across Omega Autocare when one of my clients referred them to me. My work as a medical representative involves a lot of driving and I have to keep moving all the time. When my Ford burst a tire on the way to a client call, one call was all it took to get someone to have my tires replaced. This service repair contract is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Monroe D., Mobile, AL:

“I’ve always hated long drives, especially when I’m on the interstate and there are no gas stations in sight. I try to keep my oil levels up, but one time, on an emergency drive to Tampa, the light on my dashboard suddenly went red. I tried looking for motor oil in my truck and found the Omega Autocare policy that I’d all but forgotten. The mechanics came in a truck, topped up my oil, and found a leak in the pan. Then they towed my car to a repair shop in Gainesville where it stayed overnight. Since it was too late to get a rental car, I decided to stay at the Super 8. I did not spend a cent on the overnight stay, thanks to Omega Autocare!”

Zhang P., Norman, OK:

“Service was very good. My car broke down in the middle of Stillwater. I was fortunate that it broke down in front of a repair center. The mechanics brought in my car and I talked to an Omega Autocare agent who was very cheerful and cooperative. She had the repairs authorized in no time and I was able to drive out of Stillwater before sunset. Please give your agent LaToya a HUGE raise as she helped me through a really tight spot. Boomer Sooner!!!”

Peter N., Houston, CO:

“I play a lot of tennis and judo, so I keep my rackets and other stuff in the trunk. One time at the country club, I couldn’t open my car door and there was no one around who could help me. Good thing the roadside assistance guys were close by. They helped me get into my car and open the trunk. Thanks to Omega Autocare, I made it to my game without breaking a sweat.”

To contact Omega Auto Care call 877-850-0446
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