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At Omega Autocare, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that all of our stakeholders are satisfied with our products and services. By “stakeholders” we mean not just those who avail of our services, but also our other partners, such as vehicle repair providers, tow service operators, motels, and equipment suppliers. We believe that a service repair contract binds us to settle all obligations to those who render service to our clients to ensure proper repair of the vehicles that are entrusted to us.

One common complaint about service contract providers is that they refuse to cover anything, or worse, simply disappear into thin air after getting cash from their customers, some in only a span of months. Many states require service contract companies to be guaranteed by underwriter companies who will cover the cost of repairs in case the service repair contractor goes under.

As part of business best practices, Omega Autocare has chosen to partner with LSIC. A member of Life of the South-Fortegra, LSIC is domiciled in Delaware. The Fortegra Group, in turn, offers more than 50 underwriting and warranty products and is the second largest credit underwriter in the country.

LSIC is the largest property underwriter in the Fortegra Group, with operations in 41 U.S. states and territories, including the District of Columbia. Products offered by LSIC include real estate and automobile collateral protection, non-file, warranty, involuntary unemployment coverage, and credit property (specializing in consumer goods). Both Fortegra and LSIC are members in good standing of the American Financial Services Association (AFSA).

AFSA membership ensures that each member-company complies with all relevant regulatory requirements, an environment that has been very complicated to navigate in the past few years. The AFSA allows companies to share industry best practices and provides regular updates on any changes to policy and regulations. As a result, both Fortegra and LSIC are kept abreast of the latest market trends, ensuring that they are in the pink of financial health and are ready to fulfill their contractual obligations to clients.

With headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, LSIC was chosen by Omega Autocare to underwrite its vehicle service repair contract products. This underscores Omega Autocare’s commitment to provide the best in support to its clients, letting them rest easy in case of vehicle mechanical breakdown. This partnership is also a reflection of our commitment to our valued partners and service providers.

Finally, Omega Autocare is a Silver Member of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA), a nationwide organization of vehicle service repair contract providers that aims to maintain the integrity of the service contracts industry. The VPA requires its members to adhere to a uniform ethical code. Omega Autocare is currently working towards a Gold Certification, the highest level of accreditation available to VPA members.

At Omega Autocare, we pledge to give you the quickest and most efficient ways to deal with vehicle mechanical breakdowns. Backed up by LSIC’s vast resources and the VPA’s knowledge base, Omega Autocare has partnerships with licensed and accredited service providers nationwide. To know more about Omega Autocare, our service repair contract products, our accredited partners, and coverage areas, feel free to contact us.

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